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US auction theory pioneers won the Nobel economics prize 

US academics Paul Milgrom and Robert Wilson won the 2020 Nobel Economics last Monday for their work on auctions hailed as benefiting buyers and sellers around the world of everything from fishing quotas① to aircraft landing slots②. Among the insights of the two Stanford University economists is an explanation of how bidders seek to avoid the so-called “winner’s curse” of over-paying and what happens when bidders gain a better understanding of their rivals’ sense of value. Milgrom and Wilson notably came up with formats for selling interrelated items simultaneously. In 1994, US authorities used one of their auction designs to sell radio frequencies to telecom operators. (Reuters) 



① quota: [ˈkwəʊtə] n. a limited number or amount of people or things that is officially allowed(分)配额 

② slot: [slɒt] n. a position, a time or an opportunity for sb./sth., for example in a list, a programme of events or a series of broadcasts(列表、名单、程序中的)位置,职位;(广播节目等的)一档


Apple unveiled the new 5G iPhone 12 line 
苹果发布iPhone 12系列新5G手机

Apple last Tuesday has unveiled its iPhone 12 line of smartphones in a range of sizes with new designs and 5G connectivity. The four new devices take a design cue① from the iPhones 4 and 5 from 2013 and the newer iPad Pro and Air lines, with squarer metal sides and flatter profiles. All of the new iPhones also have Apple’s latest A14 Bionic processor, which recently debuted② with the revamped③ iPad Air announced in September. They also all have Apple’s Face ID recognition system for unlocking the smartphones and will support 5G for the first time. None of the new iPhones will ship with headphones or a power adapter, as a way of reducing the carbon footprint but will contain a USB-C to Lightning cable in the box and will support faster wireless charging. (The Guardian
10月13日,苹果发布iPhone 12系列智能手机。该系列拥有多种尺寸,采用了全新设计,并支持5G网络。四款新手机的设计灵感来自于2013年的iPhone 4和iPhone 5及后来推出的新版iPad Pro和iPad Air系列,新手机采用金属直角边框,外形更扁平。新款iPhone都配备了苹果最新的A14仿生处理器,在9月发布的新一代iPad Air中,该处理器首次亮相。iPhone 12系列还都配备了苹果面部识别系统以解锁手机,同时将首次支持5G。为了减少碳足迹,新款iPhone不会附带耳机和电源适配器,但会附赠USB-C转闪电连接线,并支持更快的无线充电。


① take a cue from sb./sth.: to copy what sb. else does as an example of how to behave or what to do 学……的样,模仿……的样子做 

② debut: [ˈdeɪbjuː] vi. (of a performer or show) to make a first public appearance 首次亮相 

③ revamp: [ˌriːˈvæmp] vt. to make changes to the form of (sth.) usually to improve its appearance 改进……的外观,升级


iPhone 12来了,值不值得买?


Kyrgyzstan’s president resigned amid political unrest 

Kyrgyzstan President Sooronbai Jeenbekov announced his resignation last Thursday in a bid to end the turmoil that has engulfed① the Central Asian nation after a disputed parliamentary election. Jeenbekov, who has faced calls to step down from protesters and political opponents, said in a statement released by his office that holding onto power wasn’t “worth the integrity of our country and harmony in society.” Kyrgyzstan was plunged② into chaos following an Oct. 4 vote that election officials say was swept③ by pro-government parties. The opposition said the election was tainted④ by vote-buying and other irregularities⑤. Protesters then took over government buildings, looting⑥ some offices, and the Central Election Commission nullified⑦ the election. Last Tuesday, Jeenbekov introduced a state of emergency in the capital, Bishkek. In an effort to stem the unrest, Jeenbekov endorsed the appointment of Sadyr Zhaparov, a former lawmaker who was just freed from jail by demonstrators, as the country’s new prime minister and Zhaparov’s new Cabinet. (AP) 

① engulf: [ɪnˈɡʌlf] vt. to affect (sb./sth.) very strongly 强烈影响,使陷入
② plunge: [plʌndʒ] vt. to cause (sb./sth.) to enter or force (sb./sth.) into some state or course of action usually suddenly, unexpectedly, or violently and against opposition 使突然陷入,使意外遭受 
③ sweep: [swiːp] vt. to win an overwhelming victory in 在……中一举获胜 
④ taint: [teɪnt] vt. to damage or harm the quality of (sth.) or the opinion that people have of (sb./sth.) 玷污,败坏,使受不良影响 
⑤ irregularity: [ɪˌreɡjəˈlærəti] n. sth. that is irregular, esp. lack of proper and honest conduct 不规则的事物;不正当的行为「常用复数」 
⑥ loot: [luːt] vt. to steal (things) from shops or buildings after a riot, fire, etc. 抢劫,洗劫 
⑦ nullify: [ˈnʌlɪfaɪ] vt. to make (sth. such as an agreement or order) lose its legal force 使失效,使不具法律效力


Thailand declared a state of emergency 

Thailand’s government last Thursday has declared a “state of extreme emergency” in the capital, Bangkok, after an extraordinary day of anti-government protests that saw demonstrators blocking and heckling① a royal motorcade② in defiance of strict laws forbidding any criticism of the monarchy. The government’s pre-dawn emergency decree was followed swiftly by police in riot③gear④ who moved in to break up⑤ protests and arrest student leaders around the office of Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha, a former army general who seized power in a 2014 coup⑥. The protesters are calling for Prayuth to step down and for constitutional reforms, including new curbs on the power of the monarchy. The declaration also bans gatherings of more than five people and the publication of news or messages online that could “harm national security.” (NPR)


① heckle: [ˈhekl] vt. to harass 骚扰 

② motorcade: [ˈməʊtəkeɪd] n. a line of vehicles including one or more that famous or important people are travelling in(尤指护送重要人物的)车队

③ riot: [ˈraɪət] n. a situation in which a group of people behave in a violent way in a public place, often as a protest 暴乱 

④ gear: [ɡɪə(r)] n. the equipment or clothing needed for a particular activity(用于特定活动的)用具、服装 

⑤ break up: to stop (sth., such as a fight) 停止 

⑥ coup: [kuː] n. a sudden change of government that is illegal and often violent 政变


Trump and Biden town halls① 

US President Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden squared off② last Thursday night in dueling③ televised town halls that replaced their second presidential debate. The Commission on Presidential Debates had arranged for the second debate to be virtual after Trump tested positive for coronavirus, but Trump refused. In his town hall, Trump was defensive about his administration’s handling of the coronavirus and evasive when pressed④ about whether he took a required COVID-19 test before the first debate. Trump refused to denounce the far-right, white supremacist QAnon conspiracy group. Meanwhile, Biden denounced the White House’s handling of the virus, declaring that it was at fault for closing a pandemic response office established by the Obama administration in which he served. He suggested he will offer clarity on his position on expanding the Supreme Court if Trump’s nominee to the bench⑤, Amy Coney Barrett, is seated⑥ before Election Day. The confirmation hearing for Barrett lasted for three days while the Senate Judiciary Committee set Oct. 22 for its vote to recommend⑦ Barrett’s nomination to the full Senate, with a final confirmation vote expected by month’s end. (AP and Politico) 


① town hall: a public meeting at which a politician or official speaks about his or her policies and answers questions from members of the public 市政厅会议「一作:~ meeting」 

② square off: if two people, groups, or organizations square off, they start to compete or argue with each other(打斗时)摆好架势,准备打架;开始竞争

③ duel: [ˈdjuːəl] vi. to fight a combat between two persons 决斗 

④ press: [pres] vt. to attack forcefully 猛烈抨击;施压 

⑤ bench: [bentʃ] n. the office of a judge 法官的职位 

⑥ seat: [siːt] vt. to establish (a person) in a position of authority 使就职 

⑦ recommend: [ˌrekəˈmend] vt. to present with approval 递交……以表示支持


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